The Hungarian Quality Product Award honored Psorioderm line's effect is proven by clinical trials!
Natural therapy for psoriasis, and seborrheic, atopic skin care for everyday use.

The members of the product line are good for care about the psoriasis, eczema, skin showing signs of seborrhea; and for the highly dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea, itchy, sensitive scalp daily care. You can use several times the Psorioderm ® products during the daily skin care. The products are composed of attentively selected natural ingredients and help to make your skin healthier.

This uniquely developed product line is made of the finest materials: they are rich in nourishing ingredients, like plant extracts and oils, Dead Sea salt, vitamins, minerals. The products soothe the irritated skin, soothe itching and reduce skin peeling. Due to its high moisture content regenerate dry chappy skin. They has positive effect on the general condition of the inflamed skin. The special and active ingredients prevent the exfoliation process and eliminate irritation, itching.

Manufactured and distributed by: Pezomed Ltd. (
The products can be purchased in pharmacies, in the Derma-Art Dermatology Clinic ( and Eventus Pharma webstore. (

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Psorioderm® Cream
50 ml
Psorioderm® Cream
100 ml
Psorioderm® Cream
200 ml

Psorioderm® Bath gel
250 ml
Psorioderm® Body lotion
250 ml
Psorioderm® Shampoo
250 ml

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